Book Fairs Coming in December

Excitement is building as we start a new tradition for the Library Program – two concurrent Book Fairs! Both Book Fairs will have great opportunities for gift giving, and books purchased at both fairs will benefit the Media Programs at Academy.

, Book Fairs Coming in December, Academy at the LakesThe Scholastic Book Fair, a traditional favorite, will be held at the Wendlek campus Media Center from December 4th through the 11th. Gina Miller and her incredible volunteers will transform the Media Center into a “Destination Book Fair, Read Around the World” emporium, and the younger readers will be able to visit and have a chance to start building their personal libraries. “There will be some great bargins”, says Gina Miller, the VP for Book Fairs.”The new Diary of a Wimpy Kid Dog Days (#4) is going to be released on October 12th, available in retail outlets only in Hardcover form, with a list price of $13.95. I will have it at the Scholastic Book Fair, in paperback, for $6.99! This is just one of many great books!”

For more information on this Book Fair, please visit our book fair webpage: Academy at the Lakes Scholastic Book Fair.

, Book Fairs Coming in December, Academy at the LakesThe Barnes and Noble Book Fair will be held for Academy at the Barnes and Noble in the Shops of Wiregrass from December 5th through the 12th. Field trips for both Lower and Middle Division will be heading to Barnes and Noble, but this book Fair is intended to give Middle and Upper Division readers a source for the music, DVD’s, Graphic Novels and more contemporary young adult literature they enjoy. Both Twilight and Percy Jackson and the Olympians will be there! Last Spring’s Barnes and Noble Book Fair was hugely successful thanks to everyone who participated.

Here’s how a Bookfair with Barnes & Noble works:

When someone visits any Barnes & Noble store and presents a voucher to the cashier a percentage of the sale will be donated back to the school. Vouchers will be available at both campuses – usually in the form of bookmarks!

Where do I shop?

  • Any Barnes & Noble Store in the USA. We regret that this voucher is not valid online.

Is it just my family here in Wesley Chapel that is eligible to shop?

  • No- anyone who has the Bookfair ID# 574103 for Academy at the Lakes can give us credit for their purchases. Just let your cashier know while you are checking out. This includes family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, – anyone you know who shops at Barnes & Noble.

Does everything I buy count?

  • Everything in the store counts with the exception of gift cards, Barnes & Noble memberships, textbooks and magazine subscriptions. Institutional and Corporate Discounts may not be applied to Bookfair purchases. Come have dinner in the Barnes & Noble Café with your family and the school will receive a percentage of the sale. Don’t forget to checkout the stores selection of music and DVD’s, gift department and bargain departments as well!

These Book Fairs are a major part of the budget for new books and materials, and thanks to all your wonderful support, we are able to celebrate the joy of reading!

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