Middle Division Science Fair Results

Submitted by: Teresa Buckman

Middle school students showed off their scientific prowess on Thursday, December 9th as the Academy Middle Division held its science fair in the gymnasium. Fifteen tables were filled with projects ranging from various environmental explorations to engineering and technology inquiries. Projects were judged by a panel of 17 ladies and gentlemen of varying science and engineering backgrounds that scrutinized very thoroughly each and every board and interviewed the young scientists. At the end of the day, the scores were all tallied and three would emerge victoriously as the Academy at the Lakes’ middle school entrants in the Pasco Country District Science Fair which will be held in February at Weightmann Middle School.

The 2010 winners for the Academy at the Lakes’ Middle Division Science Fair were:

  • 1st Place: 8th grader – Tori Emerick ’15by wowing us with her quest for whether there exists a way that the Kastle-Meyer presumptive blood test, the well known phenolphthalein tests used to detect blood at crime scenes, can generate false positives.
  • 2nd Place: 8th grader – David Gamero ’15 who explored the potential for extending the efficiency of solar energy panels through the creation of a panel cleaning system.
  • 3rd Place: 7th grader – Kenny Quayle ’16with his project that explored the use of UV radiation for purposes of minimizing mold growth in air conditioning units.

These three will progress on to the district competition in February. We can hardly wait to see what the results will be from that Regional competition!