Buddy Reading, Young Innovators and More!

Buddy Reading Day is one of Academy’s favorite House traditions. Older students buddy up with younger students in the same House to share their favorite stories. On this special morning (1-11-11), McCormick Campus students walked across the street to visit their younger schoolmates on the Wendlek campus. Together, the students read, chatted about the stories, and got to know one another. Some of the younger students even read to their older buddy! The students also had fun working together on puzzles and word searches.

It was evident from the laughter and smiles that everyone enjoyed the morning.

USF Young Innovator Competition
A group of fifth through eighth grade students have been busily preparing for the USF Young Innovator Competition. The mission of the USF Young Innovator Competition is to promote innovation and creativity in young people by motivating them to solve problems and improve upon the things around them. The group is being led through the process by Middle Division Science teacher Elizabeth Magnusson. They will submit their Contest Entry Forms this week, and the forms will be reviewed by a panel of judges on February 1st. The panel will select five finalists in the elementary division and five finalists from the middle school division. Finalists will participate in a workshop on February 5th. The final competition will take place on February 11th, Thomas Edison’s birthday. We wish all of our participants the best of luck!

5th and 6th Grade Student Council
The 5th and 6th Grade Student Council has been working hard this year to enrich life in the 5th and 6th Grade Suite with fun and meaningful events and activities. One way the council accomplishes this is through charitable giving. Recently, the council has been selling hand-made bracelets to support research and awareness for RSD. Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), also called complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), is a chronic, painful, and progressive neurological condition that affects the skin, muscles, joints, and bones. The syndrome usually develops in an injured limb, such as a broken leg, or following surgery. However, many cases of RSD involve only a minor injury, such as a sprain. RSD/CRPS is characterized by various degrees of burning pain, swelling, and sensitivity to touch. Bracelets are available in Mrs. Magnusson’s room for $1.00.

– Elizabeth Magnusson