Whim ’n Rhythm of Yale University Visits Academy at the Lakes

Whim ‘n Rhythm, Yale University’s all-senior female a cappella singing group, visited Academy at the Lakes on Thursday, January 6. The group traveled to the Tampa Bay area for several performances in Sarasota and Tampa, before completing their Winter Tour in Washington, D.C.

Academy at the Lakes was fortunate to have the group perform a private concert for our faculty and students. Their love of performance was evident and many in the audience commented on their incredible harmony. Each member is truly special and talented in her own way and when they come together as an a cappella group, they are absolutely amazing.

Academy at the Lakes Alumna Kelsey Pitcairn ‘07 is a member of Whim ‘n Rhythm. She wowed us with her lead role singing, “Heard It Through The Grape Vine.” The group performed several songs including “I Wanna Live Easy,” “Galileo,” “Yale Football Medley,” and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” See videos of their performances on Academy’s YouTube Channel.

After the concert, the Yale seniors broke into groups to talk with Academy students. They spoke about college and campus life and discussed the many opportunities and friendships that are available in college. Upper division students asked questions about adjusting to college life after leaving home and the social aspects. One particular question, “What is the worst and best thing about college?” gained consensus from the Yale women: the worst thing is “dining hall food” and the best thing is the “fantastic friendships that are made”.

After lunch Whim ‘n Rhythm visited the Wendlek campus where they sang for grades 2-4. The students definitely enjoyed the concert; they were attentive, clapped and got into the rhythm of music. The women had time to answer several questions. 3rd grader, Bella K. asked, “What inspired you to start singing? 4th Grader, Tristen G. asked, “How do you find the time to practice singing with so much school work?” and 4th grader, Neha P. asked, “What kind of careers can come from singing, music and playing an instrument?”

Whim ‘n Rhythm’s visit was a wonderful opportunity to get to know these talented women and learn about their successes and accomplishments. We truly enjoyed our private concert!

About Whim ‘n Rhythm: Whim ‘n Rhythm of Yale University is the premier undergraduate female a cappella singing group in the nation. Delighting audiences from Maine to Hong Kong, from Club Med to the White House, Whim ‘n Rhythm brings professional musicianship, a strong spirit, and an elegant presence to every performance.

Whim ‘n Rhythm’s eclectic selection of songs appeals to a wide variety of musical tastes, and concerts can be tailored to fit any occasion. The repertoire ranges from upbeat jazz standards and classic show tunes to contemporary pop favorites and traditional ballads.

Learn more about the group at: http://www.wix.com/whim11/whim-n-rhythm and visit their blog at: https://whimnrhythm.wordpress.com/