Academy… at the Beach!

As students arrived on campus this morning, they saw a strange site… all the desks from the high school were outside. As they walked around the building they saw that the high school patio was turned in to a beach! There was lots of sand, beach towels, umbrellas, and comfy chairs. The seniors worked hard to pull off this prank and it was definitely worth the effort. All the high school students – and some of the teachers, too – enjoyed some time at the Academy Beach before classes began.

But what about those desks? The seniors had a solution for that, too. Instead of chairs, they placed colorful inner-tubes on the classroom floors. In place of Ms. G’s huge conference table, was a string of towels! The island beach theme was even carried throughout the hallways and the lab room.

Hats off to the seniors for coming up with such a creative prank!