3rd Grade Learns about Swamps, Gators and Springs

Third Grade went on their annual trip to Crystal Springs Preserve in Zephyrhills. It is always exciting for the students to see a natural, undisturbed spring after studying Florida’s Springs in social studies.

While at Crystal Springs, students learned about our watershed and potential threats to a clean water supply. To help them understand the concept of a watershed, students worked cooperatively to build a town (in a lifted sandbox) that has a golf course, housing development, farm or zoo, shopping mall, landfill, etc. all situated next to a large river. They had a great time working creatively together while learning a very important environmental concept.

They also took a hike around the spring and over the river bridge, ending in the beautiful cypress paneled learning lab where they learned about Florida’s native wildlife. The room was full of specimens (live and dead) and the presentation was informative, while being totally captivating. Students who are no longer in Third Grade tell us this is one of their all-time favorite field trips!

Submitted by: Diane Hansen
Photos by: Diane Hansen, Mims Grifo and Aileen Downing