JSA Travels to Washington D.C.

Jsa2012, Academy at the LakesFrom February 17th to 19th, 7 student representatives from Academy attended the Junior State of America Winter Congress in Washington, DC. The Winter Congress is modeled after the actual US Congress and House of Representatives: Each student is appointed as either a Senator or a Representative, bills are proposed and debated, and either pass or fail depending on the voting.

The Motto of JSA is “Be the People.” Although small in number, our students more than lived up to this expectation. Several students spoke passionately and eloquently on a variety of topics in various forums throughout the Congress. Our proposed Bill was not only accepted, but survived the initial round of debates. With over 600 students representing the Southeast, Ohio Valley and Mid-West, this is an enviable achievement for our JSA Chapter.

We also had two opportunities to visit the National Mall and views such sites as the Martin Luther King, Jefferson and Lincoln memorials, The Capitol Building and Supreme Court, and the Vietnam, World War II, and Korean War Memorials. One of our students, Isaac Klopotek, was able to find the name of his Great Uncle on the Vietnam memorial Wall and pay his respects. This was a very moving moment.

As chapter advisor, I am very proud and honored to have had this opportunity. Esse Quam Videri was strongly evident from the start!

The members in attendance were: Aaron Guan, Calvin Yang, Rebecca Hannah, Isaac Klopotek, Farah Bernard, Leo Choephel, and Ashley Joyce-Nyack

Submitted by: Gary Compton