Success in Science Keeps Coming!

ScienceWinners2012 Sized, Academy at the LakesSix Academy at the Lakes students (the number of slots we are limited to by the county Board of Education) competed in the Pasco Regional Science and Engineering Fair on Saturday, February 4th. Of our six participants, four took first place honors in their category, one took second, and one took fourth. David Gamero, Class of 2015, was the overall winner in the county, and will take his project to both the state and international competitions. Kelley Englund, also ‘15, Vijay Prasad, ‘16, and Andrew Nissensohn, ‘16, also won first place in their categories. Kelley will proceed to the state science fair. Tori Emerick ’15, took second place in her category, and Chloe Mansell ’14, won fourth place in hers. Below is a summary of the project work these students did.

David Gamero’s project ”OR Board Display” will proceed to the International Science and Engineering Fair. David engineered a circuit board that can speed up computer processing time. He also won the Intel Excellence in Computer Science Award, the Excellence in Manufacturing Engineering Principles Award, the 2011 Regional Ricoh Sustainable Development Award, the CH2M Hill Certificate of Achievement for Outstanding Project and the United States Army Certificate of Achievement for Outstanding Science and Engineering.

Tori Emerick won second place in the Biochemistry category with her project ”Do Detergents Make Blood Undetectable to Luminol?” Tori found that common household cleaners can interfere with the ability to detect blood spatter at crime scenes.

Vijay Prasad, in his project titled “Is there a correlation between students’ perceived learning style and classroom performance?” tested learning style on visual and auditory assessments to see if learning correlated with type of assessment. Vijay placed first in the Behavioral and Social Science category.

Kelley Englund’s work, “Effect of Oil and Salt Water on Plants” revealed that water contaminated with oil protected plants from the damaging effects of salt water that might be carried inland by a storm. Kelley won first place in the Environmental Science category and will continue to the state competition.

Andrew Nissensohn tied for first place with Vijay Prasad in the Behavioral and Social Science category with his project “Does a cell phone conversation affect reaction time?” Andrew found that talking on hands-free cell phones slowed reaction time more than talking on a handheld cell phone.

In her project titled “DNA Survival Outside the Cell,” Chloe Mansell isolated DNA from plants and investigated how long the DNA remained intact for further analysis. Chloe competed in the Biochemistry division.

Please congratulate these hard-working students for their success. We are proud of them and their teachers Dr. Jordan, Ms. Klaeren, and Mrs. McCormick, and would like to extend our thanks to the entire Academy community for your enthusiastic support of our students in the sciences.

Submitted by: Amy Jordan and Colleen McCormick