Academics, Fun and Inspiration

At the January 30th Lower Division assembly, students in grades SK-4th grade shared examples of what they have been learning in class. Each child spoke clearly and with confidence.

The senior kindergarten children shared facts about penguins; the first graders shared poetry with rhyming words and creative writing that included a beginning, middle, and end; examples of similes were shared by third grade students and the fourth grade students shared and showed an example of electrical circuits. These work samples exemplified the creativity and critical thinking taking place in our classrooms each and every day. Second grade is working on hosting the assembly in a few weeks and plans to share their projects.

Some students shared awards and recognitions for activities they participated in and outside of school, including, softball home runs, championship motor-cross, All-State chorus contest, hockey, “Support Our Troops” Community Service and more.

Submitted by: Kathy Carley, Jennifer Falby