Academy Students Shine at Regional Science Fair, Earning Top Honors

Academy at the Lakes shone again at the Pasco County Regional Science and Engineering Fair on Saturday, February 2nd at Wesley Chapel High School. For the third year in a row, an Academy at the Lakes student will represent Pasco County at the International Science Fair. Raj Warman, class of 2016, in his study of How Does Changing the Real and Imaginary Perturbation Affect the Mandelbrot Fractal explored how a fractal changes when the starting iteration is varied. His project has applications for predicting chaotic events, such as weather patterns. In addition to his international participation, Raj will be participating in the state science fair as a Pasco county representative, was awarded the American Meteorological Society Award, the Navy Award and the Army Award. SciFairReg W, Academy at the Lakes

Raj was not the only winner at the Pasco County Regional Science Fair. All Academy at the Lakes science fair attendees earned top honors.

David Gamero, class of 2015, earned second place in the engineering category, and was awarded The American Meteorological Society Award and the Navy Award for his project entitled Brain Brace. David programmed a device that enables him to move an arm brace using brainwaves. His invention could be utilized to strengthen an arm that has been weakened by injury or disease.

Tori Emerick, class of 2015, with her investigation of Okapi Maternal Bonding: Can Behavior Ethogram Observations Increase Infant Survival Rates in Captive Born Okapi? earned second place in zoology. Tori Emerick worked at Lowry Park zoo studying the behavior of a mother okapi toward her baby. This work may ultimately contribute to preservation of a rare and reclusive species.

In the middle division, Regan McCormick, class of 2017, placed first in microbiology for her study of the impact of temperature and preservatives on the growth of microorganisms. She worked to determine the optimal level of temperature and preservative to best prevent food spoilage.

Additionally, Lyra Gaboardi, class of 2017, earned second place in zoology for her investigation of the nutritional formulary in starter feed and its effects on the growth of chicks. She determined that the chicks that her family raises might not be eating the best food to promote their growth.

Anmol Warman, class of 2018, also earned second place in the medicine and health category for determining the benefits of ultraviolet light on inhibiting the growth of micoorganisms. He specifically determined how bacteria on toothbrushes could be inhibited by this type of light.

Academy at the Lakes Science students continue to inspire students on campus and throughout the Tampa Bay area.

Submitted by: Colleen McCormick