Radiant Peace Art Contest 2013

2ndGradeSized, Academy at the Lakes3rdGradeSized, Academy at the Lakes4thGradeSized, Academy at the Lakes

In December some of our students in grades 2,3, and 4 entered the Radiant Peace Art Contest. This contest was sponsored by the Radiant Peace Foundation International in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Their mission is to inspire, encourage and promote Radiant Peace throughout the world. Radiant Peace supports our Academy mission as well as the values of the Giraffe Club.

22 of our students entered the contest. They drew pictures of how they feel inner peace. Some students drew pictures of things like being helpful or places where they feel peaceful. All of the artwork was submitted to the Radiant Peace Foundation.

All the students that participated received a patch.

Second Grade– Evan F., McLaine S., Ian D., Jonathan B., Joshua B., Kayla M, and Olivia C.

Third Grade– Alex T., Anisa N., Anya Z., Ava K.,
Daniel B., Elise F., Hayley R., Kayla R. and Sydney Stein

Fourth Grade– Emily H., Ethan C., Jacob Z., Kendra F., Nicole G. and Zoe M.

KendraSized, Academy at the LakesOne of our students also won an Honorable Mention award. Kendra won in the 4th through 8th grade category which is quite an accomplishment. Kendra received a certificate and a monetary reward.

Submitted by: Shelley Grossbard, Kathy Carley