Halloween Safety Tips

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It’s time for our little zombies, princesses and superheros to shine their tiaras, strap on their capes and fill their pillowcases with some goodies! But, wait! Before your family dives into spooktacular Halloween activities, read through this Halloween Safety Checklist and make sure the festivities are spooky and safe.


Halloween Costumes 

Make sure costumes shine…literally

Costumes should be reflective or brightly colored and easy for drivers to see, especially if you are going trick or treating after dark. Have a witch or grim reaper trick or treating this Halloween? Pick up some reflective tape to place on the costumes or on their buckets. Glow sticks or battery-operated lights are also a fun option that can add something to a costume and make it safe.

Props should be used properly

But just in case they aren’t, make sure props are soft and/or dull. Try on accessories and costumes at the store before you purchase to be certain they fit correctly and won’t interfere with walking or sight.

Do an allergy test on all make up

Test make up out on a small part of your child’s skin to make sure they are not allergic to the ingredients.



Have fun in the sun

Trick or treating may be creepier when it is dark, but if you can, try to go out while the sun is still up. It will be easier to see and easier for others (specifically drivers) to see you and your little ones.

…Or carry a flashlight

Make sure several members in your group are carrying flashlights to help everyone see and be seen.

Communication is key

If children go out on their own, make sure they have a cell phone in case of emergency or if they become lost (or need a ride back home!).

Adults should lead the way

An adult should always accompany young children, or even the big kids if they’ll let you!

No lights  = no treats

Be sure children understand that homes without lights on outside should be skipped. Instead, go to houses that are decorated and welcoming with a porch light.

Follow traffic laws

Stick to sidewalks and always use crosswalks. Be conscious of traffic and never assume pedestrians have the right of way.

Stick to the street lights

Stay on well-lit streets that have multiple street lights to help light your trick or treating path.

Residential is best

Residential areas are much safer than busy roads. If you live on a busy street, go to a friend’s neighborhood or to a trick or treating event instead

Spooky is good, but suspicious is bad

If you witness suspicious activity, always contact local law enforcement.

Groups are more fun!

Going trick or treating in groups is safer and much more entertaining. Coordinate costumes and have a treat swap party afterwards! Large groups are easier for drivers to see and also much safer.


Pumpkin Carving

Knives are for adults only

Adults should do the carving and make sure children stay a safe distance away from the area, just in case of a slip or curious hands.

Get creative and crafty

Try using clay carving tools instead of knives or use non-toxic paint, markers, stickers or glitter to decorate pumpkins instead of carving.

Keep away from flame

Use glow sticks or flameless candles instead of real candles for the inside of pumpkins.


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