Lower Division Premiers “Dig It”

Students and families gathered in the Academy gym last Friday to watch the this year’s Lower Division production entitled, Dig It!

Aleida Morse gave an overview of the performance:

“Our story began as our youngest friends in PK, JK, and SK classes shared some fun facts they learned about dinosaurs. JK students also showed the audience four examples of our favorite dinosaurs they made in art class with Ms. Shelley! Then SK students taught us all about archeology and gave some examples of all the exciting things you might do if you were an archeologist! Digging up cool stuff was at the top of the list.

As our story continued, 4 young students eager to learn more about archeology (4th graders, Daniel Barbosa, Kareem Harby, Ava Kurkiewicz, and Anya Zalac) snuck into an archeological dig site to see if they could find the “big discovery” that everyone had been talking about. In their search, they stumbled across some old bones… 3 million year old bones! Magically those bones (Lucy, played by Angelina Bernard, and her friends, our 3rd grade classes) came to life and took our eager young friends on a journey to learn more about ancient civilizations.

On their magical, musical journey, they met some ancient Sumerians (Gilgamesh, Sean Emmons, and his faithful followers, Hannah Lock, Hayley Reed, Kayla Rodriguez, Daphne Smith, Alyssa Suarez) who taught them about the first great civilization that appeared in in the land between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers about 7,000 years ago! Then they traveled to Egypt where they met King Zoser (Terrell Woods) and Imhotep (Elise Faith) who were responsible for building the first stone pyramid in Egypt! Just when our young archeologists didn’t think it could get any better, they were taught some valuable lessons by Confucius (Ewan Leslie) and our 1st Grade students representing Empires of the East. Finally, our 2nd graders, along with 2 Greek playwrights (Anisa Nanavati and Elizabeth Robichaux) taught the explorers all about the wonders of ancient Greece.

As our story came to its conclusion, our explorers realized that they sure did learn a lot of cool stuff that happened in the past. More importantly, they realized that the people of the past changed the world for them and that their choices will change the world for those who will follow them. As the kids exclaimed in their final scene, “That means we REALLY matter!” I couldn’t agree more!

Congratulations on a great performance! I couldn’t be more proud of you all!”