Senior Brings Leadership Message, Speaker to Academy

DSC 0518, Academy at the Lakes

On Tuesday, October 22nd, Upper Division students participated in an informative and entertaining leadership workshop facilitated by one of our seniors, Akash Gupta, and Dale Carnegie Corporation consultant Barron Johnson.

Dale Carnegie has played a large role in Akash’s life ‐ since he was a child, principles like those taught by the professionals at Dale Carnegie have always been present in his life. Dale Carnegie Training is the world leader in professional training in public speaking, interpersonal skills, salesmanship, and self­‐improvement. Inspired by the effect Dale Carnegie had on his parents, he decided to attend a People to People Leadership Conference in Boston. There, he learned the values present in the best selling book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens, which coincide with those taught by Dale Carnegie.

Wanting to bring what he learned to Academy, he is spearheading the creation of a large-scale program that will promote  the values and skills taught by Dale Carnegie throughout the school. This past Tuesday was the first of a series of talks that will be given this year by Dale Carnegie professionals such as Mr. Barron Johnson.

Johnson involved students throughout the session, seeking feedback and participation in discussing the characteristics of successful people. He made the point to our students that when they begin their careers, what they know will not be nearly as important as: 1) what they DO with what they know; and 2) how well they work with others. He also stressed that attitude is at least as important as knowledge and skill.

Johnson also led students through an exercise to help them learn introductory conversation techniques and listening skills.

Johnson’s messages are great for today’s teens, and our Upper Division students took a great deal away from the experience. Thanks to Akash and his family, our students will continue to stand out as excellent citizens, collaborators, and communicators.

The Dale Carnegie Corporation was founded in 1912 and is a global workplace learning and performance organization with offices in more than 80 countries.