Fourth Graders Discover McCormick Campus


DSC 0079 L, Academy at the Lakes

Fourth Grade students and their parents “crossed the street” yesterday to “discover” their next step… 5th Grade.

Fourth Graders were welcomed 5th Grade students and teachers for a fun scavenger hunt that took them to the S.T.E.M. Lab, McCormick Hall, the gym, and the music studio and art studio. Meanwhile, parents enjoyed the beautiful weather and lunch on the Admissions patio, while discussing what to expect in 5th Grade with Admissions staff and 5th Grade parents.

After their scavenger hunt, students gathered on the 5th and 6th deck to have a fun Q&A session with Middle Division Director John Pitcarin and the 5th grade teachers. Fourth Graders asked some great questions while 5th Graders provided some insight as well.

As the students wrapped up their questions and headed to the practice field for some outdoor exercise with the P.E. staff, parents took a tour of the 5th and 6th Grade Suite and ask some questions of their own to Mr. Pitcarin and the teachers.

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