From Invention Convention to USF Young Innovators

Earlier this week, Middle and Upper Division science students used creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills to create and deliver a persuasive marketing presentation for their own unique inventions.

Students gathered in the Academy Gym with their project boards, prototypes and presentations as judges met with each student.

Selected finalists presented their products to a panel of judges later in the day. The following students and their projects were chosen to move on to the USF Young Innovators contest:

5th Grade
1. Bain, Maddie – FabTape
2. Fowler, Hannah – Brite Nite
3. Poland, Lillian – Happy Huggers
4. Smith, McKenna – Airllow
5. Williams, Peyton – Power Kitchen
6. Yurchenko, Dasha – Secret Storage
7. Zlotnitsky, Jacob – Allergy Guard

6th Grade
1. Chee, Andrey – Voyage Vest
2. Kane, Bella – Blister Buster
3. McCormick, Katie Erin – Sick or Safe Scoop
4. McKenna, Christian – Easy Poor
5. Reinhart, Lauren – PB and Easy
6. Sosa, Sebastian – Petroma
7. Turner, Justin – Easy Freezy Pet Bowl

8th Grade
1. Chiaramonte, Gigi – Deodorant for your feet
2. Erceg, Annabelle – Night vision glass for your car
3. Feingold, Melissa – Smart Kart
4. Frazier, Cameron – Moss Grabber
5. Passero, Jack – Metal detector for your washer
6. Williams, Taylor – Electronic violin trainer

9th Grade
1. Austin, Cameron – Expanding shopping cart
2. Beinhauer, Gerald – Kinetic motion phone charger
3. Gamero, Daniel – EcoBlinds
4. Kilfoyle, Darin – Braille Smart Phone
5. Singh, David – Automatic golf putter

Middle Division Science Instructor Elizabeth Magnusson will work with these students to help prepare them for the exciting contest at USF. From there, a panel of judges will evaluate the applications and choose finalists. Those finalists will present their sales pitches in front of a panel of judges and an audience.

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