Lower Division Runs for Fun & Fitness

The Annual fun run is the culminating event to our Lower division fitness unit. All the students are encouraged to have a goal in mind whether it be a top spot, jogging the entire race, or just to cross the finish line with a friend. Fitness can be fun and this years theme “If you had fun, you won!” sums it up.

Mr. Heller and Ms. Carley took to heart the lead by example motto. They both ran all 4 events to the delight of the children. Many of the older students find just as much if not more joy in cheering on the younger kids. Good sportsmanship is an overwhelming theme!

Winners of the 2013 Fun Run

1st: Tristan Richards & Adriana Penney
2nd: Ethan Taylor & Bella Hossler
3rd: Luke Ewanowski & Isabella Armas

1st Grade/2nd Grade
1st: Alexander Nocco & Miley Falby
2nd:Luke Magnusson & Sophia Besch
3rd: Jack Reinhart & Rosie Towler

3rd Grade/4th Grade
1st: Carter Brink & Anya Zalac
2nd: Xavier Perkins & Malia Nelson
3rd: Wyatt Ewanowski & Addison Frazier

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