9 Benefits of Summer Camp

, 9 Benefits of Summer Camp, Academy at the Lakes

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School may be out in during summer, but that doesn’t mean the learning has to end. Summer camp is a fantastic way for children to stay active both mentally and physically.

The benefits of attending a summer camp are numerous, so we’ve narrowed it down to our top 9 reasons why summer camp is beneficial for your child.


1.    Inspire physical activity

Summer camps often offer unique activities that inspire exercise to keep your kids active over the summer. Summer at the Lakes, for example, offers camp activities such as Crew/Rowing, Archery and Trailblazers, alongside sports such as football, soccer and t-ball.

2.    Develop useful life skills

Babysitter’s Club, Emergency Sewing Skills and Bake-It & Take-It, three camps offered at Summer at the Lakes, offer fantastic skills that will travel with your children throughout their lives.
3.    Remain socially active in the summer

It may be tempting for kids to stay inside, in the shade and cool air, away from the heat, playing video games or sleeping in late. But summer camps give children a reason to get out of the house and socialize with their peers.

4.    Meet new people and generate new friendships

The bond that is created between campers is beyond compare. Children experience fun and exciting adventures together, creating a unique bond and memories that will extend beyond the summer.

5.    Try something new

Another great aspect of summer camp is the ability for students to be exposed to a completely new learning experience. To expand your child’s horizons, check out camps such as Digital Photography, Pottery, Chess, Florida Folklore & Culture, Printmaking or Scrapbooking – all activities offered at Summer at the Lakes.

6.    Develop creativity

Many camp activities give children broad creative space to express themselves in different forms such as Musical Theater, Fun with Fabrics, Creative Play Theater, Crafty Readers, Pottery, Drawing, Painting … the list of creative expression is endless at Summer at the Lakes.

7.    Fun way to learn a new language

Some camps give children the opportunity to learn or brush up on a language, which will be useful when they return to school and beyond. For example, Summer at the Lakes is currently offering a Chinese camp!

8.    Expand on skills and talents

Summer camps are the perfect opportunity for a child to dive into a passion and learn more about the things that they love most, whether it be Disney Princesses, American Girl, or Legos!

9.    Strengthen academics

The laid-back nature of summer provides the perfect atmosphere for students to build their academic muscles! Intriguing camps such as Camp Invention open up an educationally exciting world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).


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 , 9 Benefits of Summer Camp, Academy at the Lakes

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