Top Performers in Chess Club Tournament Announced

The chess tournament held 16 tournament players; 14 club members; 21 Academy MD and UD students who are involved in the club and/or tournament.

Tournament place order:
1. Tom Xia (King)
2. Raj Warman (Queen)
3. Jack Rogers (Knight)
4. Romo Li (Rook)
5. Roshan Warman (Rook)
6. Matthew Martin (Knight)
7. Anya Zalac (Bishop)
8. Alan Lu (Bishop)
9. Austin Heinig (Bishop)
10. Kartal Zhou
11. Charley Wang
12. Alex Pereira
13. John Martin
14. Vijay Prasad
15. Jordy Sanabria
16. Neha Gupta

Each player received a chess t-shirt. A chess piece on the back of each player’s shirt was determined by the place order in the tournament. During a chess club meeting in the beginning of the year, the students discussed their t-shirts and thought it would be a great idea to hold an in-school chess tournament. Club members thought the tournament would generate buzz and get their peers excited about chess – and they were correct! After the tournament, 3 new members joined, and the club continues to encourage students to join.

Academy’s Chess Club is open to MD and UD students on Tuesdays from dismissal time to 4:30. An outside, trained instructor teaches technique and monitors the students’ progress.

In the past the Chess Club has attended Tampa Bay Chess tournaments and have always placed in the top five. Academy hopes to host a Pasco County tournament in March or April.

Raj, the chess president, goes to the LD on Fridays and runs a small chess group during after care.

If you are interested in joining chess club, please contact Susan Zalac.