A Day at Academy with… Josh Baker!

A Day at Academy is a sneak peek into the lives of our students, told from their point of view. Students record their daily activities while taking pictures and videos throughout the day, so that you can catch a inside glimpse at what a typical day at Academy is like for students. To learn more, visit our website. If you are a student at Academy and would like to participate, please contact Mrs. Bri Dold.

Hi! I’m Josh. I am 13 years old, I am in 7th grade and I have been at Academy for 3 years.

A little Sense of Who I Am

I like the smell of cookies, the sound of rain, the taste of cookies, the feel of wind and the sight of cookies.

A Glimpse of Me

If I were a fairytale character or superhero, I would be Batman because he is super cool.

The current song I can’t stop listening to is The Monster.

I could watch the movie Captain Phillips over and over and not get sick of it.

If I could describe myself in three words, they would be funny, cool and leader.

I love going to school at the Academy because I feel like it is a great fit. All the teachers are very good and all the athletics are really cool and nice. Everyone is very cool.

The last time I laughed was when I talked to Ms. Nadow

My biggest fear is tornadoes.

Some things that are really important to me are family and sports.

I can’t wait until Easter.

I don’t think many people know that I help little kids play football.

The concert of my dreams would have this line up of artists: Emniem and Justin Timberlake.

Sarcasm is a pretty unique thing about me.

Food makes me happy.

If I were a crayon, my color would be blue.

When I graduate, I’m going to Oregon.

My Day at Academy

Before School

My brother Alex is usually my alarm clock. He sticks his head in my room and yells, “GET UP WE ARE LATE!”

We are never late, but I always fall for it.

While I am having my favorite Poptarts for breakfast, I am thinking about my day to come and what I have to do at school to succeed.

8:00am – 8:50am | Period 1 | Math | Ms. Ivie

In our Pre-Algebra class, we are greeted by Ms. Ivie, who is very happy to teach us math at 8am!

Today we are sharing our “All About Me” PowerPoint Presentations.

This class is the roughest of all because I am not fully awake and Ms. Ivie is!! She is always telling us very funny stories to wake us up in the morning. She is always encouraging, especially when the concepts are hard.

8:50am – 9:37am | Period 2 | Social Studies | Mrs. Carr

My social studies class is always a lot of fun. There is a lot to learn each day.

Mrs. Carr is always so fun in how she teaches.

We look forward to her fun activities and her yearly Geography Bee. This week we are making inca songs and performing them – they are very good.

9:37am – 10:07am | Break

One of my favorite times of the day! LOL!

This is my morning wake up call if I’m not already awake!

On Mondays and Fridays during break we have Morning Meeting with Mr. Pitcairn. He tells us about upcoming events in 7th and 8th grade as well as any birthdays or celebrations. Celebrations can be kids telling us about games they won or awards they were given. It’s cool to see how awesome and talented we all are.

On Wednesday is our advisory. We talk about things like bullying, organization, and being grateful for all we have.

We have plenty of time to talk to our friends, eat yummy snacks and just burn off some energy before we head back to our next two classes.

10:07am – 10:54am | Period 3 | Language Arts | Ms. Nadow

Oh, Ms. Nadow’s Language Arts class!!

She starts our class with a handshake! Each of us shake her hand before going into her class. Ms. Nadow and I have our own special handshake. Her class is awesome!

We just finished our Shakespeare unit and now we have poetry camp. Poetry camp was fun. We ate s’mores and read poems.

10:54am – 11:41am | Period 4 | P.E. | Coach Matt

One of my faves!

In our P.E. class we change out into our P.E. clothes and meet Coach Matt outside on the bleachers. We play all different kinds of sports games like, dodge ball, wiffle ball, ultimate Frisbee, speedball, football and basketball.

He always teaches us good sportsmanship and to have fun!

11:41am – 12:26pm | Period 5 | Creative Writing | Ms. Nadow

In this class we get to pick out a writing topic to write a story on. We work on the same story throughout the semester. It’s cool to see how creative I am becoming.

12:26pm – 12:56pm | Lunch

I have a very big lunch. My mom over packs. My mom is great a great sandwich-maker. She is awesome.

My lunch has a yogurt, her muffins, cookies, a sandwich and few other things.

12:56pm – 1:43pm | Period 6 | Science | Mrs. McCormick

We just did our first dissection. It was on a pickle. The pickle was a easy dissection.

The next thing is a worm. The unit is sea life and other animals.

We are going to sea camp in April. The camp is in Miami we are going for a few days.

Mrs. McCormick is a great teacher. She is fun and always is happy.

Today we did work in our note books about sea life.

1:43pm – 2:30pm | Period 7 | Spanish | Señora Estrella

We are learning about family members and we are having a great time doing this. We even had a Simpson’s power point. It was funny.

Señora is a great teacher and she is really funny. She is really cool and she likes to get off topic. This class is great.

2:30pm – 3:15pm | Period 8 | Band | Dr. Compton

Today we watched a movie about Beethoven. It was really good.

After School

I have football practice and I am a DJ for girls basketball games. This is really fun to me!

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