Academy Hosts Pep Rally and Basketball Game


By: Josh Bain ’23, Reporter for the Day


, Academy Hosts Pep Rally and Basketball Game, Academy at the LakesThe Academy at the Lakes Pep Rally and Faculty vs. Student Basketball Game took place in the gymnasium on Friday, April 4.

Before the game started, Coach Tom Haslam announced the winter and spring teams.
Then the game started. The student teams played in order from youngest to oldest.

They tipped the ball and the Academy at the Lakes faculty won the tip off. Mr. Knapp scored the first basket of the game. At halftime, the cheerleaders came out and put on a show.

Soon it was the varsity boys’ turn to play. Junior Ethan Haslam scored three 3 pointers and a slam dunk which the crowd cheered very loudly for.

When the game was over, the score for the varsity boys was 27-5.

The total score at the end was 73-58 in the faculty’s favor.


Listen to my pregame interview with Coach Haslam here:


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