Academy at the Lakes Teacher Chosen to Participate in University of Florida’s Startalk Program

Academy at the Lakes’s own Wei Wang has been chosen as one of 15 brightest, most motivated teachers from all over the United States to participate in the University of Florida’s StarTalk program in June.

StarTalk is a Federally funded program designed to promote teaching in “critical needs” languages. Since Chinese is the language of 1/5 of the world’s population, more of us should know how to speak it. Skilled teachers of Chinese are critical to this learning process, and they are the focus of this program.

Participants will be registered for one UF course: “Learning Centered Approach for Foreign Language Instruction” for 2 graduate credits. It will be complemented by a hands-on thematic component, “Chinese Holidays, Food, Art, Song, and Dance.” Participants will apply their training in a four day teaching practicum at the local Boys and Girls Club with approximately 60-80 students attending. The summer program is followed up with a PD in the fall, when the instructors and staff meet online biweekly to share and discuss their teaching. When the participants complete all the program components, they will receive a training certificate from UF’s College of Education.

Congratulations Ms. Wang – our students will be the beneficiaries of your work this summer!