Student Showcase: Kite Runner Presentation

AATL Student Showcase

Kite Runner Presentation
Instructor: Mrs. Susan Zalac
Class: English IV Honors and AP Literature and Composition



Go Fly a Kite! Several senior English students did just that and what fun they had!

Teaching seniors can be challenging, because they seem to have one foot in the door and one foot out. Indeed, most of them feel that they are more than ready to move on and begin college.

To keep her students engaged, Mrs. Susan Zalac turned the tables and had her seniors do the teaching.  Zalac’s students, in both English IV Honors and AP Literature and Composition, read the novel The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini.  Once they completed the novel, students chose a theme to research and present in an informative and creative fashion.

As with any good novel, The Kite Runner has several meaningful symbols – kites being the most obvious.

Seniors Maria Baller, Caitlin Cherry, Kelley Englund and Luca Collini cleverly presented the topic of redemption – specifically atonement of childhood sins.

The main character’s sins, although complicated, were symbolically represented by kites. At the conclusion of the presentation, the students were given paper, straws, tape and string and so they could create their own kites.

Reverting to their youth, they delighted in quickly assembling the kites so they would have enough time to fly them.

View the presentation here.


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