A Color of His Own Preschool Craft Ideas

A Color of His Own Preschool Craft Ideas

Like all of the grade levels at Academy at the Lakes, our rising PreK3 students have a summer reading assignment. This encourages students to read with their parents and continue their education while enjoying vacation and the Florida sunshine.

In conjunction with the summer reading assignment, preschoolers engage in a related activity that they will share in class on the first day of school.

PreK3’s summer reading assignment for the 2015-16 school year is A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni. This is a cute story of a chameleon trying to find his place in a very colorful world.

As the book revolves around color, so does the corresponding assignment. Our preschoolers are instructed to create a picture using their favorite colors. The choice of media is up to the student – paint, markers, colored pencils, crayons. The opportunities are endless!

It is with this inspiration that we present you with several arts and crafts project ideas inspired by this adorable book, A Color of His Own.

To get started, download this chameleon coloring page.

A Color of His Own Printable



Ideas on how to decorate your chameleon coloring page


Outline the chameleon in glue and let your preschooler pour glitter on top.
This could potentially be a little messy, so you’ll want to take a larger piece of paper or a cardboard lid to slide beneath the coloring page before the glitter gets dumped on top. This way, you can pour all the excess glitter back in to the container. After the glitter glue dries, your child can decorate as he or she pleases!


Let your child choose what kind of coloring tools he or she likes, and let them have at it.
Markers, crayons, colored pencils, paint, chalk – put all the options out on a table and let your child decide.


Decorate with stickers or washi tape.
Peeling stickers and placing them on to paper is great for developing fine motor skills. Provide some sheets of various types of small stickers and let your child peel and stick them on to the chameleon. Alternatively, provide washi tape for decorating or simply to create a border around the chameleon. Washi tape may be harder for young children to rip off on their own, so rip several pieces of different sizes in advance.


Rip up pieces of construction or tissue paper and glue them to the chameleon.
Another great use of a preschooler’s fine motor skills is to learn to paste, stick, and rip! Have your child help you rip pieces of construction paper, tissue paper, or even magazines. Then, assist them with using a glue stick or a glue bottle and sticking the pieces you’ve ripped on to the paper.


Use Do a Dot or Bingo Markers to make a spotted chameleon.
Do a Dot markers are a fun alternative to regular markers in that they create fun dots that your child can stamp on to the chameleon.


Use stamp markers or ink pads and stamps to DECORATE the chameleon with fun shapes.
Crayola makes fun stamp markers that preschoolers can use to decorate the chameleon with fun shapes. Or, using a colorful ink pad and an assortment of stamps is an option as well!


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