Healthy Back to School Lunch Ideas for Kids


Healthy Back to School Lunch Ideas from Academy at the Lakes

Summer break is coming to an end for Academy at the Lakes students and now it is time to start thinking about preparing for the upcoming school year.

Here at Academy, we have a delicious and healthy lunch program for our students called Wholesome Tummies. This is a fantastic alternative for the days when parents don’t have the time to make lunches for their kids.

But, for the days when we have a little extra time, we’ve put together a list of healthy lunch and snack ideas for those back to school days!


Healthy Back to School Lunch Ideas for Kids

  • Sunbutter, apples, carrots, grapes, & chicken
  • Muffin, peaches, cheese, beef stick bites, strawberries, sweet peppers
  • Salad, pretzels, grapes
  • Lasagna cups, banana, mandarin oranges, cookie
  • BLTs in whole wheat pitas
  • Whole wheat pasta salad, apple slices, hard boiled egg, & muffin
  • Turkey and swiss roll ups, peach, crackers
  • Bagel with cream cheese, sweet peppers, crackers, raisins
  • Pita pockets with peanut butter and banana, crackers, cucumber slices
  • Whole wheat English muffin with peanut butter and honey, pineapple, yogurt
  •  Ham and cheese kabobs, crackers, carrots
  • Baked oatmeal, blueberries, yogurt
  • Guacamole, applesauce, deviled eggs, carrots, strawberries, brownie bites
  • Crackers, pepperoni, cheese, carrots, & grapes
  • Pasta tossed in dressing, pea pods, rotisserie chicken, & (peeled) halo
  • Granola, yogurt, strawberries, vanilla wafers
  • Bacon/lettuce/tomato/cream cheese pinwheels & berries
  • Breadsticks, marinara dip, string cheese, pepperoni slices
  • Noodles in pesto & tomatoes
  • English muffin pizza & grapes
  • Banana zucchini bread, yogurt, & berries
  • Cream cheese/cucumber/dill tea sandwiches, crackers, & grapes


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What are your favorite things to pack for lunch?


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