May 2016


AATL Student Showcase
Spanish Games Instructor: Senora Estrella Class: 6th Grade Spanish B Senora Estrella’s 6th grade Spanish B class collaborated to create Spanish games that review cultural facts, grammar, and vocabulary. Students either designed an original game or translated and created their own Spanish versions of popular English games. Each game included at least 25 Spanish questions/concepts...
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As a graduating senior and known existentialist, I have often wondered what I should do with my life. How could I make my mark on the world, be happy, and leave a legacy? Months of deliberation have lead me to one final conclusion: I have absolutely no idea. Not a clue in the slightest, so...
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Alumni Reflection - Academy at the Lakes
I have wanted to write something to commemorate my time at Academy at the Lakes for a while now; I was just waiting for the right words to describe the feeling. I’ve had a few epiphanies and realizations after having left for college. Most of them took me about a year to fully grasp or...
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Technology safety for kids
Students don’t always realize that the behaviors they engage in after school and on weekends can have an impact on their experience at school. Once they are face to face with someone they’ve had a negative interaction with online or via text messages it can be uncomfortable being back at school with that peer.
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Undefeated Softball Team
Academy at the Lakes’ Middle Division Softball team completed an undefeated 10-0 season with a 6-3 West Coast League Championship game victory over Berkeley Prep on Thursday, May 5 at the Land O’ Lakes Recreation Center. The team, led by Head Coach Marla Oliver, reached the championship game with a 5-2 semifinal win earlier in...
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