Student Guest Post: Preschool and Elementary Students Give Graduation Advice

Words by Kenny Quayle ’16

As a graduating senior and known existentialist, I have often wondered what I should do with my life. How could I make my mark on the world, be happy, and leave a legacy? Months of deliberation have lead me to one final conclusion: I have absolutely no idea.

Not a clue in the slightest, so I decided to ask the Lower Division kids what I should do after I graduate, and these are the results.

Here are some of my favorites:

“Be a butler.”- Senior Kindergarten (SK)
Ok my friend, just let me put in my application at the International Butler Academy (that’s a real thing, look it up.)

“Study more.” – SK
But haven’t I studied enough? Guess not.

“Have summer break forever.”-SK
Now this sounds like a good plan.

“Stay in school.” – SK
Wise advice from one so young.

“Play with Liam.”-PreK3
Ok Liam, I think that will make a pretty leisurely career.

“Do work.” – PreK3
That’s what gets you far in this world.

“I don’t know.” – PreK3
Well I don’t either so we have a bit of a stalemate here.

“Get a lot of money.”- SK
More money, less problems.

“Go to Hawaii and stay there forever.”- SK
That would be relaxing. Solid plan.

“Be a doctor.”- 1st Grade
Just be a doctor. Sans training? Seems kind of risky, but whatever you say.

“Go back to high school.”- Junior Kindergarten

“Play all the time.”- JK
Again with the infinite playing. Sounds good to me.

“Learn Math.”- JK
I was always bad at math. Learning it some more could help.

“Go see a dinosaur.”- JK
But first, let me invent time travel.

“Stay away from roller coasters.”- JK
This child has a fear of roller coasters that is likely pretty well warranted.

“Buy clothes.”- 2nd Grade

“Go to Hawaii (for the second time, and the boy informed me it was due to my pineapple shorts)”- 2nd Grade
Already wearing the right clothes for the job.

“Be a light manager.”- 2nd Grade
How oddly specific yet fulfilling.

“Be a cowgirl.”- 2nd Grade
Well, there might be a couple issues with this one.

“Buy a bucket of dogs and pour them on you to be happy.”- 2nd Grade
These children know how to truly live.

“Get a girlfriend.”- 2nd Grade
Been trying a while now friend, still gotten nowhere.

“Get married.”- 2nd Grade
Well, I need to complete step one of having a girlfriend before this.

“Do what you’re good at.”- 3rd Grade
Again, wise advice.

“Go to Russia.”- 3rd Grade
Lots of traveling to do. I’m going to be RUSSIAN around the world.

“Write a book.”- 4th Grade
“Kenny and the Undecided Future”

“Travel the world.” – 4th Grade
So much to see, so much to do, such little money.

“Buy all the expensive cars.”- 4th Grade
Now we’re talking. But that is an absurd amount of money.

“Play the lotto.”- 4th Grade
Well, this solves the money issue if I play long enough and get lucky enough.

As you can see, many of these kids already have it figured out, or are at least pretty close. They gave me great advice on how to live a happy and fulfilling life, and I just might take them up on it. I am currently planning on pursuing a degree in journalism at the University of Alabama and hoping to work for National Geographic or another travel magazine. Still, who knows, maybe a stop in Russia or a couple classes on how to be a butler are in my future.


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