science fair 2017

Academy Students Prepare for Pasco Regional Science Fair

Academy at the Lakes will be represented at the Pasco Regional Science Fair on Feb. 4 at Weightman Middle School with 17 participants in the event. Several Academy at the Lakes students will be competing at the fair.

The science fair process includes researching a question, formulating a hypothesis, and developing experiments.

Upper Division Science Instructor Sheri Mahoney said, “Students critically analyzed their own thought process and the scientific process at the same time. It is a beautiful thing because there is no rubric and there is no ‘right’ answer. As a teacher, watching my students become better questioners and more thoughtful scientists is the best part of my year and this is made possible through the science fair.”

After a semester of hard work, presented their projects to peers, teachers, parents, and judges.

“The 2016-2017 Academy at the Lakes Science Fair represents the culmination of months of work for 5th and 6th Graders.” Elizabeth Magnussen, 5th and 6th Grade Science Instructor said. “While doing an experiment, the students had the chance to experience trial and error, solve challenges creatively, and conduct research. They explored a question that was important to them and the wider community. I am so proud of the students!”


The following students will be moving on to the Pasco County Science Fair:


5th Grade – Elementary Science Fair

Nathan Smith
Eugene Ross
Eden Heller
Oliva Wells
Bella Castillo

6th/8th Grade Middle Division Science Fair

Ella Dobryzanski
Sofia Humayun
Zoe Moore
Brooke Blakenship
Ethan Cisler
Dylan Wilhite

9th Grade High School Science Fair

Anmol Warman
Roshan Warman
Taylor Armstrong
Katie Erin McCormick
Denzyl Downing
Andrey Chee