Reporter for the Day

My Day as a Reporter at Academy at the Lakes

Words by Julia Pesch ’26

Reporter for a Day – Julia ’26 from Academy at the Lakes on Vimeo.

Actors, Firefighters, and more. Reporting is fun, and can be a little hard sometimes, but today I was a reporter.

I asked kids what they want to be when they grow up, and what college they want to go to. For the teachers I asked what they want to be when they grow up, what college they went to, and what job they had in college.

This was a fun and interesting experience. Special thanks to Ms. Bri and Mrs. Rogers.

Most students wanted to go to U.S.F. (University of South Florida). Some kids wanted to be an actor, some doctors, and some want to own a farm. A variety of teachers went to different schools in their four years of college.

Everyone I interviewed said how long they had been at Academy at the Lakes. The mode was about six to seven years.

Furthermore, I interviewed a toy. It was a bear pencil topper named Bob. This toy is my friend Chase’s. He brings him to school each day. Chase always uses Bob to explain something, or make a joke out of volunteering and says Bob can do it. Chase also makes a joke about Bob with a lot of questions his homeroom teacher asks.

Without question, this has been a very fun day reporting and interviewing my friends and teachers. What fun I had today!

View the photos I took here.

This is the slideshow I made!