Juniors Became Self-Published Authors, Here Are Their Stories

Academy Students Became Self-Published Authors, Here Are Their Stories

The 11th Graders in Ms. Alysia Oakley’s Honors English class were able to add “Published Author” to their resumes at the end of the 2016-17 school year. Students in this class wrote and published their own novels as part of a yearlong assignment.

In August 2016 the students created an outline of an original story. Throughout the next several months, they wrote at least 300 words per week. In the spring, every student had at least 8100 words. Every student ended up with a novelette (7,500-17,000 words) or a novella (17,000 – 40,000 words).

By the end of the year, students received final, published, copies of their books.

Ms. Oakley said of her students, “I am honored to work with such talented writers, and I look forward to the literature they produce in years to come.”

Below are the titles and synopsis for a few of the students’ books.


Violet Summer by Amber Heinig

Two sisters in the Victorian Era have their family bond tested when one of them is chosen for a convenience marriage. When a fire erupts within their home they ecome separated and begin their search for each other. Will they be able to forgive each other, or will they lose themselves in the guilt that plagues them?


Gavrilo By Matt Bates

A young man and many others in his country were stripped of their childhoods due to the tyrannical rule of their leader. Having to cope with the absence of his parents has provoked feelings of hatred and vengeance like no other. While chasing his highly coveted sense of purpose in his life, he is on the verge of letting his aspirations consume him. Although he is determined to satisfy his zealous desire for revenge, he will come to learn that the feeling is well below his expectations, for revenge is bittersweet. Little does he know that in his attempt to solve his own internal struggles, he creates an even bigger complication: one involving more that his own country.


Lionmouth by Hannah Fowler

Rex, Serenity, Quest, Sage, and Fletch are best friends who have grown up together through high school. In the middle of senior year, they all decide to take a vacation to Australia where things start to change. They make a living by hiding dead bodies for people. Little does the group know, Sage was the murderer.


Harambe by Daniel Gonzalez

Under rule of oppressive zookeepers and malicious foes, silverback gorilla Harambe embarks on a brutal journey with his lifelong companion, Makoko. Virtually a world away, an adolescent under similar misfortune finds a way to empathize with the tragic story of Harambe.


Recovery by Hannah Nunes

Have you ever thought of being lost at sea? After Mark loses his wife from cancer, he takes his children on a cruise to diminish their emotional distance from him. Dreading it, the kids agree to the trip that will change their lives forever. Find out the kids’ struggle as they run into mysteries with the Bermuda Triangle, mend a relationship with their father, and save the world’s largest ruby.


The Stories in the Apartment by Ziyi Chen

Bernadette is a woman from a small town who is working in Hong Kong. Bessie and Lisa, two graduates from Hong Kong University, rent and live in an apartment with Bernadette. Andy and Crystal are their neighbors. All five of those girls have distinctive characteristics, and each faces different challenges and difficulties from work, family, and romance. They met each other because they live close to each other. From being strangers to becoming the best of friends, they help each other to overcome difficulties and witness their growth and metamorphosis.