Upper Division Forensic Science Class Visits Pasco County Sheriff’s Forensic Services

forensic science field trips

In Dr. Kirk Downing’s Upper Division Forensic Science class students in grades 10-12 took a field trip to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office where they toured the Forensic Services Section after learning about observation skills, eyewitness testimony, evidence collection, and chain of custody in class earlier in the year.

During the visit, students learned how to swab and dust for fingerprints. They learned the proper technique for storage and labeling of evidence and were even able to see blood detection with chemicals and look at many crime scene photos.

At the end of the visit, the students dusted for fingerprints on a “stolen” vehicle, transferred the fingerprints to a paper, and stored and labeled the fingerprint evidence.

“The Pasco County Sheriff’s Forensic Investigators were a class act,” said Dr. Downing. “Their presentation and tour was educational and their hands on activities were awesome. I am hoping to set up more labs and activities with the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office Forensic Services Section in the future.”

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