Middle Division Drama Adapts Jerry Spinelli’s Stargirl into Play

Natalie Aviles ‘22 and Kaitlyn Riordan ‘22 had the idea to adapt and perform Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli in Middle Division Drama. Mrs. Gale Sheaffer, Middle and Upper Division Theatre Instructor, taught the students how to create and write a scenario of what scenes the students wanted in the play.

As a class, students participated in acting games to learn improvisation skills. Each student then helped write the lines of the play after they selected roles as a group.

“Some students worked on their own lines while others worked on many parts of the play,” Mrs. Sheaffer said. “Once each scene was finished we worked on a beginning and an ending which is the only part I helped develop.”

Mrs. Sheaffer then adapted the students’ scenario into a script with very few changes. View the script here.

Each student has a part in the play and a role behind the scenes with Olivia Cisler ’23 directing the play.

On Thursday, Nov. 30, the students performed the play for parents and faculty. View the gallery here.


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