5th Graders Meet Inventor in Preparation for Invention Convention

On Thursday, Nov. 30, the 5th Grade students in Mrs. Elizabeth Magnusson’s class had the opportunity to meet Dr. Stephen Poff and his wife Mrs. Bobbie Poff to hear about their invention the VioStrap.

The VioStrap is a “physician invented and U.S. Patented Instrument Strap was designed to be used with any shoulder rest. The elegant design simply slides under the fingerboard, wraps under the instrument and around your neck. Pain and discomfort are eased by transferring pressure from the chin and shoulders to the back of the neck.”

As the students complete their final preparations for our upcoming annual Invention Convention, it was the perfect time for a little inspiration from professionals who have gone through the process of invention.

Dr. Poff demonstrated how the VioStrap supports your violin while you play. He also presented fascinating information about the patent process.

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