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Academy at the Lakes 2017 Science Fair and Invention Convention Results

Months of hard work by 8th – 10th Grade students and faculty culminated on Tuesday, Dec. 5 with the Academy Science Fair that took place in the Gym.

4th Graders traveled to McCormick campus to view the projects and speak to the Middle and Upper Division students.

Judges rotated the room and interviewed students before determining the Invention Convention and Science Fair finalists. The Invention Convention finalists will be competing in the 3M Invention Competition and the Science Fair finalists will be moving on to the Pasco Regional Science and Engineering Fair.


2017 Invention Convention Finalists

Invention Convention

Stella Curry ‘22 – Bear of My Heart (Overall winner)

Terrell Woods ‘22 – Power Pick

Elise Faith ‘22 –  The Safe Keeper

Angelina Bernard ‘22 – Expandable Greenhouse


2017 Science Fair Finalists

science fair

Middle Division

Ryleigh Van Veghel ’22- The Study of How the Shape of a Parachute Affects How Fast it will Fall

Anisa Nanavati  ’22- Introversion and Extroversion and Social Media

Addie Pollock ’22 – A Vision Beyond Light

Samantha Lichter ’22 – A Comparison of Tetrachlorohydex and Aluminum Chlorohydrate in Men’s and Women’s Deoderant


Upper Division

Brooke Blankenship ’21- Are Human Supplements as Effective as Equine Supplements?

Tia Nguyen ’21- Does a Person’s Skin Color Affect the Way they Find Another Skin Tone Atttractive?

Katie Erin McCormick ’20 – The Resistance of Streptomyces griseus to Glyphosate in an Axenic Environment

Ethan Cisler ’21 – Is a Modified Archimedes Screw or a Regular Boat Propeller More Efficient?

Anmol Warman ’18- A Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduced Deep Learning Scheme for Pathway Reconstruction and Genomic Identification of Resistance in Multiple Myeloma

Roshan Warman ’19 – Bipartite Approximation Via Generating Functioning and Larger Topographical Loop Ensembles


View the full gallery here.

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