SK Field Trip McCormick

SK Environmental Science Field Trip to McCormick

Academy at the Lakes Senior Kindergarteners traveled across the street to McCormick Campus for a day of learning and fun with 12th Grade students in Ms. Sheri Mahoney’s Environmental Science class.

During this unique Academy tradition that began last year, SK students split into groups and rotate between stations set up and run entirely by the 12th Grade class.

The stations include:

  • A bird feeder building station where the little kids learn all about birds, build feeders out of pine cones and seeds, and walk around campus looking at birds through binoculars.
  • A fishing station where students learn about ocean pollution and how it affects fish and sea life by going “fishing” in bins of Orbeez and seeing if the fish they caught have been affected by pollution.
  • A squirrel scavenger hunt where students learn about everything squirrels need to survive by finding clues and making educated guesses.
  • An earthworm dirt pudding station where students learn about earthworms and make a dessert with gummy worms.
  • A wildlife boat ride where students get to see everything from alligators to fish and birds of prey.

Academy’s Environmental Science program is one of our many Signature Programs which focuses on hands-on, experiential-based learning for students in grades PreK3-12th Grade using our own backyard which includes a floating classroom on Myrtle lake, our 47-acres of undeveloped property, and our National Wildlife Federation Certified Schoolyard Habitat. The program focuses on real-life issues that promote awareness and understanding of practical, everyday problems that affect the lives of students and their families.

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