5th & 6th Graders Participate in Young Entrepreneur’s Day

The 5th and 6th Grade Suite prepared students for their field trip to Junior Achievement’s economic educational experience, JA BizTown, by holding a Young Entrepreneur’s Day in the Suite, to simulate the “BizTown” experience.

Students have been working on the pre-visit curriculum program which includes financial literacy, economics, rights and responsibilities of citizens, advertising, and much more. Students have been assigned to a JA BizTown business and have been learning about their new workplace and the job they will perform. From balancing a checkbook to learning about supply and demand, these activities use hands-on experiences to help students understand the economics of life.

JA BizTown is an indoor center that contains a mini city with Tampa Bay Area public and private businesses. Each business within the center is sponsored by a real local business and displays the authentic logo and the actual marketplace appearance of the sponsor bringing the town to life for the students.The program combines in-class learning with a day-long visit to this fully-interactive simulated town facility.

Before visiting JA BizTown, students must complete the pre-visit curriculum program where they learn basic economic principles such as how to manage their personal bank account. They also participate in job applications, learn about their new workplace and the job they will perform. Jobs range from retail sales professionals, accountants, and business managers, to medical professionals and newspaper reporters. There is even a mayor! The 5th and 6th Grade Team is thrilled to provide our students with an experiential learning opportunity which imparts necessary business, economic, and life-skills.

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