Academy Students Participate in National History Day

Academy at the Lakes honors students participated in National History Day on Tuesday, Jan. 30. According to, more than half a million middle and high school students participate in this event each year.

“History Day gives students an opportunity to deepen their understanding of history while creating connections to the present day utilizing technology, research skills, and critical thinking,” Upper Division & A.P. History Instructor Mrs. Kelly Rodowsky said.

This year’s theme was, Conflict & Compromise. Academy honors students completed projects over a 6-month period of time: choosing a topic of interest that related to the theme. Students created an annotated bibliography, wrote a process paper, and exhibited their information through a medium of their choice: website, paper, performance, display board, or documentary.

“Our honors students worked diligently and produced memorable and well researched projects,” Mrs. Rodowsky said. “We are very proud of their accomplishments and wish them the best at the county competition and beyond.”

The following students will be moving on to compete at the Pasco County History Fair competition on Saturday, March 10, 2018. 

Group Documentary

Picking Up The Pieces: The 1992 Los Angeles Riots

9th Grader, Jacob Ayoub

9th Grader, Dylan Wilhite

9th Grader, Hudson Griffith


Group Exhibit

The Troubled Times of Ireland

9th Grader, Hannah Fowler

9th Grader, Annelise Youngblood

9th Grader, McKenna Smith


Individual Historical Paper

The Fight for Women’s Rights

9th Grader, Tikiri Ekayanake


Individual Website

The Partition of India: The Price of Freedom

9th Grader, Zainab Nawaz


Individual Exhibit

The Civil Rights Movement through Music

9th Grader, Devyne Davis


Individual Documentary

Billie Jean King

10th Grader, Dion Loutas


Individual Performance

The Berlin Wall

10th Grader, Dylan Price


View the gallery here.

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