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AL Pals Pair Up for Buddy Reading Day

Buddy Reading Day 2018 from Academy at the Lakes on Vimeo.

Students in grades 5-12 paired up with students in grades PreK3-4 for Buddy Reading Day on Monday, Feb. 26.

Buddy Reading Day is an Academy House System Tradition in which older students read to their House AL Pals. These AL Pals stay with the same “buddies” throughout the majority of their Academy career.

Sarah Ivie, Dean of Student Services, explained how the AL Pal System works: “AL Pals are officially assigned in JK with a 6th Grader, when the JK student is in 5th Grade their AL Pal would be a Senior, then they get a new AL Pal in 6th Grade.”

This annual tradition began in 2006 when Ms. Ivie created the AL Pal System.

“Buddy Reading is a very Academy event,” Head of School Mark Heller said. “It’s a moment in which we come together as a community to celebrate reading and build relationships across the entire age range of our student body. It’s an event that teaches both leadership and sensitivity. It’s a great Academy tradition.”

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