10th Grade Takes Annual Trip to the Dali Museum

Dali Trip 2018

This past Monday, our 10th Grade students had the privilege of traveling to St. Petersburg for a tour of the Salvador Dali Museum. They spent the day with a wonderful tour guide who taught them about the life and artistic stylings of Dali. They viewed some of his most famous works and were surprised to learn that there was much more to them than what initially caught their eyes. Upon returning to campus the students reflected on the trip and had only great things to say.

“At the Dali Museum, I discovered the philosophical meaning behind his most famous paintings. During the tour, my students and I were shown the progress of Dali’s art, starting at the age of seventeen. I was extremely fascinated with the vivid surrealism that he depicted in his art. He was able to paint wind through motion in objects and texture and highlights without it looking like the medium was used with paint. He is able to blend color magnificently, it really inspired me because I really love art history, drawing, and painting.” -Kaileigh Schmitz ‘20

“I was amazed learning about Dali’s early life and despite being very self-centered, he was a genius. By being able to create paintings and artwork using different dimensions and angles, he was able to introduce a new type of art style into the creative world.” -Sophia Kofender ‘20

“Salvador Dali’s artwork was stunning. His art had many meanings and showed his thoughts through his work. Our tour guide, Bill showed me many hidden pieces in the paintings that I wouldn’t have noticed before. He brought Dali’s artwork to life and made me understand every detail of his work.” Laura Hult ‘20

“‘No Gala, no Dali’, I was impressed by the incredible and passionate love from Dali to Gala, I’ve never seen a man love his wife so much and the love remains the rest of their life. Our guide, Bill, has interpreted his love perfectly to all of us and through his explanation, we understood how Gala and their love inspires Dali. Dali’s magnificent work expressed himself wonderfully. I really enjoyed this tour in the Dali Museum.” -Jiajie Qian ‘20

“My visit to the Dali Museum is an experience I will not soon forget. Looking at his works of art in person was an awe-inspiring thing to do. Being able to hear about his life and what inspired him in turn, inspired me. My favorite painting was the The Hallucinogenic Toreador; its double meanings and multiple layers and perspectives was mind boggling. All the different elements to the paining made it almost impossible to look away from. It is something I will not forget.” -Amber Nadeau ‘20


View the full gallery here.

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