Hands-on Experience: Producing an All School Musical

It’s no secret that a lot of work goes into Academy at the Lakes’ All School Musical. From the rehearsals and the stage design to the costumes and voice lessons, there is no shortage of hard work.

This week, the digital download of the play will be available for our community. This is the first year that we are distributing the play digitally, and it is all thanks to Mr. Crowley, his Video Production students, Anthony Ceparano ’18 and Nataley Riggs ’20, and our generous community whose donations at the 2017 Auction made it possible to purchase new equipment.

Nataley and Anthony were at USF working with the cameras and the sound, both in the video and in-house during the production.

“They were doing it all.” said Mr. Kevin Crowley, the Middle and Upper Division Video Production Instructor. “These guys have to listen to it and make sure that their feeds are all right and all of the camera shots are all theirs. Nataley also got to experience a lot of the audio side of it because she was micing the pit. She was helping with microphones backstage during the intermission and before the show. Anthony is kind of the ‘Big Dog’, so he got up into the booth and was getting the sound that was feeding the house.”

Anthony has been working with Mr. Crowley during Academy’s live performances since he was in the 5thGrade. Now, as a graduating senior, he is able to say that the experiences he had in this class are shaping what he will be doing in college.

“I’ve looked into the audio mixing in college. In this class, I get to do a lot of it, especially for the live performances.”

Being able to take their knowledge outside of the classroom and to a large venue, like the theatre at USF, really helps to show these students what working in this field will be like in the real world. What’s even better about it is that both Nataley and Anthony love working with Mr. Crowley. They are always willing to donate their time to be a part of making all of the live Academy performances great.

With Anthony graduating from Academy this year, we are looking forward to seeing where his audio and video production skill will take him. And we are also excited for what great things Nataley will bring.

The Guys and Dolls video is available for download here.

Act I

Act II

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