Indoor Summer Activities for the Whole Family

Create a Cardborad Box Dollhouse

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Playhouses are always fun for the little ones. Make it even more fun by letting them design it however they want.


Make Activity Dice

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Can’t decide on what to do? Tired of sitting around? Want to brush up on some school work? Make your very own activity dice. They make anything boring seem fun!


Have a Cook In

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Is it too rainy or hot to go outside? Spend the day indoors having a cook in with your family. Check out all of these recipes that are easy and fun to make with your kids.


Make Slime

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What kid doesn’t like slime? Make your very own slime and customizes it however you want. Make it sparkle, smell, or even glow in the dark.


Write Letters

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Not many people still write letters. Take some time to have your children write letters to friends, and family members or to say thank you.


Get in Killer Shape

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With all of the downtime during the summer, it is the perfect time to get in shape.


Make a Delicious Frozen Treat

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Beat the heat and kill some time creating the most delicious frozen and healthy treats.


Play Board Games

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There are so many board games for the whole family to play. Spend a night laughing and playing.


Stay on Top of your Academics

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From online math packets, science projects, reading and writing challenges there are a ton of extra work on that students can do to make sure that they stay sharp over the summer.


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