AP Biology and AP Environmental Science Takes Over Instagram

After a visit to Academy’s campus during the 2017-18 school year, Dr. Luke Dollar, Department of Environment and Sustainability Chair and Professor of Environment and Sustainability at Catawba College, fell in love with the community and found many connections between our values and those of Catawba College.

Thanks to his great experience and his connection to Academy through Rosebudhe extended an invite to the AP Biology and AP Environmental Science classes to visit Catawba College in North Carolina.

On Friday, Sept. 21 – Sunday, Sept. 23, the students traveled with Ms. Sheri Mahoney, Upper Division Science Instructor, and Mrs. Colleen McCormick, the Science Department Chair, to Catawba College.

Dr. Dollar is a National Geographic Scholar and the man who put fossa of Madagascar on the map.

Along with Dr. Thomas Culhane, Director of Climate Change and Sustainability at the University of South Florida, Dr. Dollar developed a special collegiate program that offers students from select schools to take part in a 3/2 program. Students who are accepted into the program spend their first three years at Catawba College and their last two years at USF where they will earn an undergraduate degree from Catawba College and a master’s degree from USF, both in some concentration of environmental science.

Needless to say, this was an exceptional experience for Academy students.

During the trip, the students and teachers stayed at the Catawba College’s beautiful guest house, toured the campus, and saw all of the great environmental science resources the school offered.

Check out Ms. Mahoney and Mrs. McCormick’s #AATLDiaries Instagram takeover at Catawba College here.