Middle and Upper Division Students Talk About the Importance of Voting at our Annual Voter Registration Assembly

At our annual fall Voter Registration assembly this morning, Mr. Heller presented the 7th– 12thgraders with a breakdown of statistics about voter participation.  He shared that the U.S. voter participation rate of 56% was surpassed by most of the developed countries that hold free and fair elections. Even worse, way less than 50% of the eligible people ages 18-29 in the U.S. voted in the 2016 election. Mr. Brian Corley, Supervisor of Elections, Pasco County, followed Mr. Heller and spoke to the students about how much their votes matter and how they have the power to change outcomes.

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Mr. Corley is in his 11th year as Supervisor of Elections for our county.  He was very pleased to see and be part of Academy’s celebration of voter registration.  At the close of the assembly, Upper Division Director Robert Sullivan presented Mr. Corley with the registration and pre-registration forms submitted by our Upper Division students.

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