Middle and Upper Division Science Fair and Invention Convention

On Tuesday, December 3rd, 93 Middle and Upper Division students competed in Science Fair or Invention Convention. This fair represents four months of project development and experimentation. All students were judged first by our Upper Division AP Science students. Three students were selected to move on to the Invent Tampa Showcase and 12 students were chosen to represent Academy at the Pasco Regional Science and Engineering Fair.

Invention Convention
Nate Smith – the recyclable gift card
Matthew Miles – the cat deterrent collar
Sarah Levin – puppy pad protectors

Science Fair
Addison Baricak – Which artificial sweetener affects blood sugar the most?
Olivia Wells – The effects of hard and soft water on hair strength
Eugene Ross – Crystal size and lead
Victoria Mahabir – Do you hear what I hear?
Vivian Olivera – Expression Session
Sophia Besch – Benefits of Brain Breaks
Kayla Martinelli-Smith – Linguistic stereotypes
Ella Dobrzanski – Eco-mode and fuel usage
Saneyah Khan – Stress and students
Ethan Cisler – Tensile strength of carbon
Diego Juan – Bullet variation and accuracy of shot
Zarine Nanavati – Monolinguals vs Bilinguals and word identification