Alumni Reflection


My name is Eric Velt, and I am a proud member of Academy at the Lakes’ Class of 2004. I say proud member because I am proud to say I am a member of the Academy at the Lakes family. I was a part of the “Trailblazer Generation” of students that helped build the school...
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The pride that I have in my high school alma mater is deep and authentic. Not only was Academy fundamental in my growth as a student of life and academia, it was and always will be home to me. A home built on education as its foundation, erected with pillars of respect, integrity, courage, and...
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alumni reflection cj lewandowski
Words by CJ Lewandowski ’12 As a 2012 graduate, I was fortunate to experience some of the most influential years of Academy progress and witness a substantial change from School Spirit “back then” to what Academy School Spirit has now become. When I first came to Academy, everyone was proud. We were proud of the...
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AATL Alumni
Academy graduate Jalex Stark currently attends California Institute of Technology and is majoring in mathematics. Jalex plans to pursue a PhD in Computer Science, specializing in Quantum Information.   Q: When did you begin your Academy journey? A: I was 10 years old when I enrolled at Academy, and I wasn’t into sports, music, or...
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Alumni Reflection Kenny Quayle '16
At the conclusion of my senior year on May 29, 2016, I completed the entirety of my schooling career here, Pre-Kindergarten to senior year, 15 years total.
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Alumni Reflection - Academy at the Lakes
I have wanted to write something to commemorate my time at Academy at the Lakes for a while now; I was just waiting for the right words to describe the feeling. I’ve had a few epiphanies and realizations after having left for college. Most of them took me about a year to fully grasp or...
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