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Affliliate Contact: Jim Emerick
Work 6301 Eaglebrook Avenue Tampa FL 33625 Work Phone: (813) 579-0739 Website:
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Academy Leadership was founded by U.S. military academy graduates who also have records of success in both the military and private business sector. Jim Emerick offers open enrollment (Tampa, FL | USAF Academy, CO) and custom leadership development programs worldwide.

$1000 will be donated to our Environmental Science Program for every Academy at the Lakes Community Member who signs up for an Academy Leadersip Excellence Course. In addition, you will receive a $500 course discount. Use code JEAATL at the end of the course sign up process.

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“The Academy Leadership Excellence Course, is the most comprehensive, multi-dimensional, accurate and useful program I have had the privilege to attend. We all have dominant traits and blind spots that come as no surprise when revealed. How we use that information, however, is where the rubber meets the road. The application of the information I learned has transformed how I lead my team and even, on a more personal, intrinsic level how I engage my family. Jim is an excellent, intuitive facilitator. He fully engaged the group and kept the energy level high. If you’re looking for that “aha” moment and something relevant that is truly useful, this is the course to take.”

Elizabeth Hult, Director of Advancement, Academy at the Lakes

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