COVID-19 Resources and Information

Academy Transitions to Virtual Learning with Seamless Continuity

At Academy at the Lakes, we think differently, we act responsibly, and we are a very close-knit community in which every family and every student matters. Our personal approach means that we are in close communication with each student and family throughout this crisis and this period of adapting successfully to E-Learning. We were at the leading edge of schools that transitioned to E-Learning because we had prepared for it. As a result, our program has been greatly praised by parents and students alike. Please see the consistent stream of outstanding feedback we have received.

  • Our teachers are warm and welcoming while shepherding our students through a first-rate college preparatory program. They are keeping in touch with students virtually through daily Zoom calls and other creative outreach methods. For example, our 9th grade teachers sent a heartfelt and fun video message to their students just before spring break.

The Admissions Process Continues

Just as our students and teachers are continuing to work through our E-Learning platforms, so too is the Admissions team, ready to serve you. We remain available to discuss all aspects of what Academy at the Lakes can offer your student and your family.

Whether you are completing the online application, uploading past transcripts or teacher recommendations, scheduling an interview via phone or Zoom, or simply have any questions, we are here to assist in any way. Our Admissions phone line is being covered remotely, so please know that your call will be answered. We are also monitoring our emails routinely. Please feel free to reach out in whichever way is easiest for you. The admissions process goes on!

College Counseling

If you have a high school student in need of information about the college process, please reach out to us. Here are some examples of the excellent College Counseling services we provide.

Parent Resources 

Here are some helpful resources for parents during this challenging time. Below are ideas for how to help your family stay busy with fun activities as well as how to help your family cope with some unprecedented change.

Family Activities 

Here’s an example of some great activities for students and families.  Though these were suggestions for our spring break, they can be well-utilized much more broadly: Enriching activities that can be done at home.

Dispelling myths about COVID-19 for your family

Helping Families Cope with COVID-19

Online Teaching and Class Resources