Elementary (Grades 1-4)

In the Lower Division, we develop successful, self-confident, happy children through a program that supports their natural curiosity and love of learning. Our program nurtures your child’s development by meeting his or her cognitive, creative, social, and physical needs while providing numerous educational experiences to think critically, communicate, work collaboratively, create, build character, and demonstrate citizenship.

Take a look through the eyes of a Lower Division student


The Grades 1-4 Curriculum

  • provides a challenging academic program and differentiated instruction designed to meet each student’s needs
  • emphasizes character education and developmentally appropriate service opportunities
  • establishes habits for lifelong learning
  • focuses on real world application of critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • helps students develop an appreciation and tolerance for the cultural, ethnic, racial and religious diversity in today’s world
  • engenders a love of literature and writing
  • develops readers, writers, speakers, collaborators, and thinkers
  • integrates technology both in the classroom, as well as the computer lab