The mission of the Library Media Program is to support classroom curriculum and enhance students’ research and reading skills. Academy at the Lakes has two libraries, both of which are supported with age-appropriate electronic databases. Academy at the Lakes students also have access to many online databases and resources that are age-specific and subject-specific. These resources have been reviewed by the faculty and provide our students with research and homework help.

The Kretzinger Library on the Wendlek Campus

  • Students in grades PreK3 through 4 have access to the Kretzinger Library
  • Students in grades PreK3 through 4 attend reading and information literacy programs that are aligned with the classroom curriculum

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The Mary K. Haire Library on the McCormick Campus

  • The Mary K. Haire Library serves the Middle and Upper Divisions (grades 5 through 12).
  • The Library provides students with information literacy programs, and access to dozens of online databases to aid them in the research.

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