Academy at the Lakes knows it takes the perfect blend of academics and co-curricular experiences to help students build the skills they will need for future success. And that's what we've been doing for over 25 years.

Come for a visit. You'll be glad you did.

It's not about homework and standardized tests.

We're here to answer all your questions.

High school students are encouraged to stretch their thinking, get involved and explore the world. Through a perfect balance of academics, athletics, arts, clubs, and service, students develop life-long leadership skills and meaningful relationships, preparing them for college and beyond.


your future


your curiosity

The middle school program is about unearthing a future full of possibility through a variety of problem-solving activities, character education, study skills, and co-curricular activities. Students broaden their knowledge of the world through a unique curriculum and extended class trips.

Our elementary program will unleash your child’s imagination and unlock intellectual potential with hands-on, active learning. Daily activities provide experiences to think critically, communicate, work collaboratively, create, build character, and demonstrate citizenship.


your passion

We believe, to truly unwrap the potential in each child, the school

experience must encompass far more than grades and tests.

"I've been an Academy parent since 2002. It's amazing to see the school grow but keep the things that make it special. No matter what your child's passion, they will find a way to encourage it. I love the zeal with which they teach not only the ABCs

but also work ethic and kindness."

Diane L.

Our students, parents, alumni, and faculty love Academy.


You will, too!

"Best decision we've made for our kids! We're in our second year, with the kids in

5th and 6th grade. This community embraces and celebrates each child's individual educational journey, proving that there really can be joy in the journey!"

Nadeen F.


At Academy, we are intentional about all we do. Our goal is to prepare your child for what lies ahead by providing each student a broad range of opportunities to create, to serve, to lead, and to experience the rewards that come from active engagement in sports, performing arts, and group activities.

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